AFC Mega Insta Gaper BLK Anal Gear


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The Mega Insta-Gaper will fill your hole to the brim and stretch it out like nothing before! Squeeze the tips together and insert it deep between your cheeks and it will spring open the moment it’s inside your anal cavity. Made from a soft and flexible silicone, the arms expand with ease to stretch you out and create an unmatched sensation of fullness.


Underneath those wide spread arms is a narrow neck that stays clenched between the sphincter muscles to stay in place. A wide suction cup base sits comfortably on the outside, ensuring that the plug can’t slip too deeply inside and will stick to virtually any flat and smooth surface so you can enjoy it hands free.


The durable silicone is body safe, a specialised blend from Pipedream called Elite Silicone. It’s ultra soft and incomparably hygienic, being phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. It makes the Mega Insta-Gaper amazingly flexible and wonderfully soft, as well as temperature receptive.


Clean up with the included Refresh Toy Cleaner, part of the free five piece Prep Kit that comes with all the Anal Fantasy Collection toys. It also includes two finger sleeves, Anal Eaze Insertz Cream, and Moist Anal Lube.




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