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If you own goggles, you might want to put them on, because things are going to get wet and wild in here! Bonnie’s See Me Squirt is the ultimate lifelike squirting masturbator molded directly from Bonnie herself. Just press down on the area underneath her thumb and she lets out a gushing stream of water or your favourite fluid! Fuck her in the pussy or her ass–she loves both holes filled to the brim with cock. The flat backside makes her masturbator perfect for table top poundings and easy storage when you’re done! The super soft Fanta Flesh wraps around every inch of your cock and feels just like the real thing–only better! When you’re ready to cum, blow your load deep inside her and don’t worry about a thing. No commitments, no bullshit, and no worries about knocking her up!

Place the bulb inside the hole and push down on hip to make piece squirt! The lower pussy hole and asshole both lead to a channel that connects to the drain hole on the top of the piece. To clean, flush warm water through either hole and let it exit out the top drain hole. If you wanna make Bonnie squirt, make sure you fuck her lower pussy hole!


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