Cushy Love Clone 5″


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Give an extra squeeze as you stroke the Cushy Loveclone RX Super Real Pussy up and down the length of your cock for an unbelievable experience while you jerk off. Definitely superior to the palm of your hand, this masturbator feels incredibly realistic and plush as it wraps itself around your cock. The realistic pussy shaped opening is tight for a dramatic feel as you plunge in deep and this stroker gives you a full five inches of ribbed tunnel to thrust into.


It’ll massage your cock with incredibly stimulating texture and a super realistic feel that comes from its intriguing mix of TPR and silicone materials. It makes this stroker feel tremendously soft and realistic and as an extra bonus the material will warm up while you hold on to it and stroke it for an incredibly natural and realistic feeling. Use some water-based lubrication on your penis and into the opening of the Cushy Loveclone so you can enjoy plunging into it without any friction and experience a wet and slippery sensation just like the real thing. Because there is no firm case around this stroker you can squeeze it and add extra pressure around your cock while you stroke and the open ended design makes it extra easy to clean up after use by running some warm soapy water through the inside.


Length: 12.7 CM

Width: 3.75 CM


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