FFS Hollow Strap On 7.5″ Squirting


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Fetish Fantasy have levelled up on their original hollow strap-on system again with their new line of Hollow Strap-On Dongs! The perfect way to go hands-free and have  long-lasting sex for those suffering from E.D. (Erectile Dysfunction) or those looking to go longer!


This squirting version allows you to squirt your favourite liquid, semen simulant or lubricant over 3 metres (10ft.) using a simple squeeze near the tip of the dong! To load, simply squeeze and hold, dip the tip into your liquid of choice, and release to draw the liquid into the bulb.


With a generous maximum waistline of 52″ (132cm) and a minimum waistline of 28″(71cm), these will fit a wide range of users. The Dong itself features realistic penis look and details for a great sensation. It features a hollow inner length of 4″ (10.2cm) at 1.6″ (4.1cm) allowing room for the squirting bulb which is located in the tip.


Detail, realistic look penis

Squirts your choice of liquid, lubricant or semen simulant over 3 metres from the tip of the dong!

Wide, comfortable Elastic Waistband and rear strap secures dong in place

Waist: 28-52 Inches / 71-132cm

Hollow Inner for Giver:

Insertable Length: 4″ / 10.1cm

Diameter: 1.6″ / 4.1cm

Outer Dong dimensions for Receiver:

Length: 7.5″ / 19cm

Diameter:  1.9″ / 4.8cm


Dong: PVC, ABS

Elastic Straps

Metal Rivets



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