Latex Gloves Long Red Lrg

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Saxenfelt is a Danish company that produces surgical quality latex clothing in natural latex. In their production they use only exclusively raw materials that meet the latest environmental requirements and considerations. 
All Saxenfelt products contain no forms of PVC, PCP or Cadmium.


Saxenfelt latex clothing is extremely durable, almost impossible to rip or tear which will ensure a lifetime of use if cared for correctly.


Saxenfelt latex clothing is seamless dip molded, meaning no glued or vulcanized seams. Saxenfelt has a lot of stretch capabilities and is strong enough not tear without feeling too tight.

All latex wear arrives in a matte finish and needs to be shined for the wet/shine look finish.

1 review for Latex Gloves Long Red Lrg

  1. Nequila Miller

    Amazing gloves. Really durable and looks super hot. 100% need lube to get these on which I think is hilarious. Would definitely recommend
    (Website wouldn’t let me do 5 stars)

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