Luxe Fetish Breathable Gag


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Do you know how sexy you look when you’re wearing a ball gag? That’s the reason why people who dig BSDM find it so arousing to see their partners in this position. There is something about losing control that’s absolutely alluring. Even if you’re new to bondage, a breathable ball gag is perfect for sensual play and role-playing.


The holes in this ball gag allow you to breathe easily, making it easy to play even for a first-timer. This beginners-friendly bondage toy prevents you for speaking; allowing you to fully let go and enjoy the experience. This breathable ball gag will excite you even if you’re already a pro, as you find new creative ways to punish your lover.


With a ball gag, your partner will still be able to find your moans, making the experience extremely sexy.


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