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It can be hard to find a good pair of nipple suckers for men, most are pink or glittery, definitely designed for women, but Oxballs doesn’t make toys for women, they make toys for the manliest of men, and that includes the fabulous Gripper Nipple Sucker.


A soft and easy to use toy that’s a great addition to a solo session or play with a lover, or two! These quick and easy Nipple Suckers are a new take on a classic.


Made from a soft and supple TPR, they easily fit and mould to your chest, fitting right over the nipples.

They’re flexible while remaining firm, something often touted, but rarely as evident as in the form of the Gripper. Topped with a petit handle that can be used for all sorts of devious torture like play, (think tugging, pulling, flicking, etc), and a metal work raised design that adds texture and a more masculine look.

Easy to use, simple wet the bottom of each Nipple Sucker and then squeeze all of the air out. Stick each Gripper directly over nipples and enjoy the immediate sucking sensation.


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