Starlight Gems Booty Bop Trainer Kit


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This set is glittery, fun and perfect for an introduction to anal pleasure. Build up your skills one plug at a time, or go through the whole set in one go for some naughty fun. This is a naughty set that’s perfect for a beginner, or for warming your partner up to the idea of anal sex without the daunting look of other larger toys.


Glitz and Glitter – the Booty Boppers are really appealing looking toys. These visually stunning plugs bring together transparent, body-safe TPE plastic and well secured glittery flecks, creating a set of toys that will have you itching to test these out when you’ve got some time to play.

Increasing Size – anal training kits are designed to work your sensitive anal muscles, building their flexibility and strength so that you can eventually try more advanced anal toys or anal sex comfortably and pleasurably. When you’re not used to anal toys, even the smallest of plugs can feel amazing and different. With this set, you can start at the small and flexible mini-plug before building up to the fuller and larger plugs which boast more length and girth.

Texture and Feel – the great TPE material of these plugs makes them flexible, smooth and supple.  The sturdy material also allows for use with any lubricants, so that you can pair your favourite – or a reliable anal lube- with any of these three plugs without worrying about any damage to the plug.

Suction Cup Base – each of these great plugs has a strong suction-cup base, perfect for securing onto tiles, mirrors and walls. When secured these plugs can be easier to insert, or can be bounced on for penetrative pleasure.


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