Steel Pleasures Olive Cum Thru Plug


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Steel Pleasures Penis Plug Olive Cum Thru with Ring

Long been described as a reverse ejaculation – urethral play is for the game and adventurous. Succumb to the steelpleasures of this hollow urethral plug which can be worn during sex, ejaculation and water sports or simply for the pleasure it will bring. Make sure you use a natural or sterile lubricant with this one – and ensure you’re ready for it.


Trust me on this one, you have never experienced anything like it – and unless you try it you probably never will. This is not in the same league as the ones in the hospital – when used properly these can be incredibly sensual and absolutely delightful. Easy to pull ring, or you can attach it to a piercing for stability. 


The Plug gently stretches the urethra whilst giving the wearer immediate and pleasurablesensations. Made of medical grade stainless steel the Spent Casing Plug gives the him a pierced look without having to pierce his penis. It has a hole throughout which allows for extended wearingbecause the wearer can both pee and cum without removing the plug. Furthermore with safety inmind it has a steel ring to help prevent over insertion and to allow for easy removal.


Approximate Measurements

Overall length: 50mm

 Insertable length: 45mm

 Width at slimmest point: 5mm

Width at widest point: 10mm


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