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Touch the Wave is a sleek vibe with soft, ribbed waves cascading vertically for added sensation and pleasure. Touch The Wave uses Nasstoys’ touch-activated technology, which is touch activated and pressure sensitive or button activated depending on the user’s preference. Touch The Wave has 10 powerful functions of intense vibration, pulsation and escalation.

Touch The Wave is unique because it can be used like a traditional push button vibrator that cycles through the 10 functions but it can also be used in Touch Mode, which turns Touch The Wave into 5 inches of pressure-sensitive pleasure that can be used solo or partnered. The Touch The Wave can also be used for Kegel exercises by contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, with the Touch Mode on.

“The Touch Extreme Vibrations has been one of the most successful products Nasstoys has ever introduced into the marketplace. It was received so well by buyer and users … it only makes sense to continue adding products with this popular touch activated technology to the Nasstoys’ brand.

Touch The Wave is quiet, USB rechargeable and waterproof. Touch The Wave is made from silicone and available in both pink and lavender.

Discreetly quiet
Waterproof and phthalates free.

Material: 100% silicone
Length: 5″


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