Vive Kyra Pulse Clitirol Rabbit Pink


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This dual-action vibrator offers both internal and external stimulation with its insertable G-spot massager head and external clitoral stimulator. The G-spot head’s powerful motor delivers 10 different patterns of deep internal vibrations that will resonate throughout your body’s intimate pleasure zones.


Meanwhile, the external stimulator gives your clitoris the attention it deserves with its own motor, which also offers 10 modes of pulsing and vibrating pleasure. Instead of the traditional two-pronged bunny ears, this rabbit end is rounded, and ribbed with concentric rings for extra sensation and stimulation. With 100 combinations to experiment with and enjoy, the Vive – Kyra Ribbed Rabbit Vibrator has no shortage of options that will whisk you away to a realm of breathless bliss.


Want to make a beeline for an earth-shattering orgasm? No problem. This buzzing beast also has a special climax button that instantly switches both motors to their turbo mode (up to 7600 RPM), all at under 60dB (about the volume of a normal conversation).


The Vive – Kyra Ribbed Rabbit Vibrator is made entirely from silky-smooth waterproof silicone for a sleek and stylish finish that will feel amazing gliding against your body’s receptive hotspots, whether you’re in bed or in the bath. Top it all off with easy cleaning and convenient magnetic USB-recharging, and this is one toy you’ll always have waiting in the wings, ready to perform whenever you’re in the mood for a steamy session of fun!

Key features of the Vive – Kyra Ribbed Rabbit Vibrator:

  • Dual-action internal G-spot and external clitoral stimulation
  • Rounded clitoral stimulator is ribbed with concentric rings for extra sensation



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